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Bareboat Charter GreeceBareboat Charter is the most common and popular way to enjoy sailing vacations in Greece. Yachtsmen from all over the world explore their own routes to pleasure and relaxation sailing Aegean archipelago, Ionian, Dodecanese and other sailing areas less famous but of excellent landscape like Sporades, coast of Crete etc.

When you charter a yacht bareboat, you take over “possession” of the boat for the agreed period. You have full responsibility of the boat but on the other hand you are free to organize your sailing trip as you wish, make your own crew and itinerary, skipper the boat yourself or hire your own skipper for relaxing and enjoying stressless vacations.

Thousand of islands, bays and beaches spread around the country welcome bareboat charterers to explore them and enjoy the pleasures of life in the nature. Lonely anchorages will welcome sailors who seek from relaxation as well as popular ports with restaurants, bars and ‘long nights” to enjoy them!

Families will also love this type of vacations as children experience something completely different than everyday life at home, swimming and playing for hours without concern or worries!

Bareboat Charter GreeceIt is mandatory for the skipper to have a Sailing license in order to charter a bareboat in Greece. A second crew member with yachting experience should be also on board as a co – skipper. A VHF license is not mandatory under local regulations. It is suggested, besides the official certification, that skipper has a level of boat handling skills and experience especially in docking, Mediterranean mooring, anchorage, sailing at night and in choppy seas. Although there a lot of “protected sailing areas” in Greece, life at sea is full of surprises!

Our main base is in Athens, Alimos marina, which offers access to Cyclades, Saronic, Argolic and Eastern Peloponnese. We also serve out of Rhodes base in Mandraki for access to Dodecanese area.

You can check our yacht and catamaran fleet here. If you have any questions or need any assistance we’d love to hear from you. Please use this page to contact us!

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