Feeling the grind of everyday life? We get it.
Between juggling studies, work, and keeping up with the chaos in the news, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
That’s why we’re here to shake things up and invite you to Take a Break with us in Greece!

Join us for an unforgettable experience setting sails on the sparkling Greek seas.
Picture this: a week onboard a yacht, sailing the blue, swimming in picturesque bays, snorkeling in crystal waters, tasting local dishes, night life, local activities and much more!

Experience yachting in Greece through the eyes of a local.
Whether you travel solo or bring along your squad, our Unparalleled Flotilla promises an experience like no other. It’s time to ditch the stress and dive into the ultimate Greek getaway!

Our fleet of Sailing boats and Catamarans is annually inspected and certified by the Hellenic Register of Shipping, following strictly the highest standards of safety and comfort.
The Concept
Cabin charter is a sailing package suitable for people without or with little sailing skills, seeking to discover and enjoy live aboard. Solo travelers, couples, group of friends seeking of new experiences, socializing and a bit of adventure will enjoy this type of vacation. There are of course a lot of “believers” that cabin charter to sail again and again as they simply love it!
How it Works
Our quests can “buy” a single bed space in a cabin or a cabin with a double bed on board a skippered sailing yacht. As the typical cabin of a yacht is designed for two persons, singles booking a single bed should either share the double bed with another quest or book the cabin in total. Rarely, depending the layout of the boat, they may have a single bed in a double cabin in bunks. Toilets are also shared.

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