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Greece boasts thousands of islands, spread across an enormous geographical area stretching from the Aegean to the Ionian sea. Four of Greece’s five island groups are prime charter areas: the Cyclades, the Saronic Islands, the Ionian Islands and the Dodecanese. Each group has its own unique character. In all of them, you can visit the more popular places, opt to sail off the beaten track, or do a bit of both. Everywhere, archaeological and geological attractions abound. Unless you have 10 to 14 sailing days, focus on one island group.

Whichever island group you choose, your Paralos charter company will provide itinerary options and suggestions. Following the wind is up to you!

Sailing Travel Suggestions

Dreaming up holidays is one of life’s pleasures! But for sailors things are not so simple. Questions like: what kind of boat? which area? Which period of the year for better conditions? Do we have the experience required for the itinerary planned? What about kids? Should be first answered.

Discussing your thoughts with us and choosing one of our charter packages should help you narrow your options.

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