Terms and Conditions


Our bareboat or skippered charter packages are based on a Charter Party Contract which is the common charter contract in Greece. Before you sail this contract is going to be approved by the coast guard.


Sailing qualifications

Under Greek law, at least two crew members (skipper and assistant) need to have some form of sailing certificate/license. This certificate/license can be issued by a “yachting” authority such as a sailing club, sailing school, yachting/sailing association, etc. The skipper must have his/her original document with him/her but in the case of the assistant, a simple signed declaration to the local coast guard, stating that he/she has sailing experience is acceptable. You may also be required to submit a sailing resume that will enable us to assess your ability to sail in safety. We reserve the right to refuse chartering a boat or to insist that charterers hire a professional skipper if their sailing skills are not deemed sufficient.


Delivery – Redelivery

Weekly charters usually begin and end on Saturdays. In case of uneven periods of time, such as a ten or twelve-day charter, we will do our best, depending on the circumstances, to accommodate your requirements. All charters begin at 17:00 on the day of departure and typically end at 09:00 on the day of arrival. However you will be required to return to base on the last evening of your charter as this is the minimum time required to ensure that the boat is delivered to the next charter in perfect working order. Statements used by Paralos Yachts will be the only official proofs for the conditions of the charter. The charterer by signing the Inventory, Delivery and Redelivery statement declares to have no other comment or claim to arise leter than the signature date. All other statements will be ignored.

Claims will be accepted only within 5 working days from the ending day of the charter and should be supported by Paralos Yachts charter documents.



All our boats are fully insured included:
•    Third party and passenger civil liability minimum 300.000 Euro any one accident
•    Damage liability third party and passenger’s yacht 150.000 Euro any one accident.
•    Sea pollution liability 88.000 Euro


Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit has to be paid prior to embarkation, which varies according to the size of the yacht. Every yacht is comprehensively insured (against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment), including third Party cover, beyond a deductible excess figure. The refundable Security Deposit is held against the yachts insurance excess. In case  of damage to the yacht or loss of equipment, the estimated value for repairs and replacement  is withheld from your security deposit and the balance is returned to you.



A down payment is required by bank transfer to our account  in order to confirm a booking. We accept payments with a credit cards (Visa or Master card) with an additional 2% handling fee. 50% of the freight is required to confirm the booking, balance payment (50%)  30 days before embarkation.


Cancellation policy

  • For bookings cancelled by the charterer more than 30 days before embarkation, the 50% of the charter fee is retained.
  • For bookings cancelled by the charterer less than 30 days before embarkation, the 100% of the charter fee is retained.
  • We will refund all payments only if we succeed in letting the Yacht to another Charterer for the same period and under the same conditions
  • We will take all precaution to ensure that the booked yacht will be available to the charterer  at the place and time agreed. If circumstances is beyond our reasonable control, then we will either supply a similar yacht or return the payment to the charterer, who will have no other claim against us.
  • We highly recommend a “cancellation insurance” to be taken by the charterer at his own expenses. We offer such a policy through UNIQA, but such a risk can be covered by any insurance company of customer’s choice

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