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The best way to explore Greek islands, is by chartering a sailing yacht or catamaranbareboat or skippered, even a luxurious yacht.

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Send us  a request, filling all necessary information on our request form below .

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Step 2

Within a few hours, you will receive our offer concerning the availability of our yachts and our final prices.


Step 3

In case you are interested to book a boat, please feel free to ask for any further information.
If you decide to proceed and book a boat you can either confirm reservation, or ask for an option.
The meaning of the option is that the boat is available for you for the next 7 days.
During this period you have to confirm your flights and travel details. By the 7th day you should confirm the booking by fax or e-mail.


Step 4

We will then mail to you the final contracts signed by the company in six copies (one for the charterer and five for us). You will then be asked to deposit the agreed down payment of the charter (by bank remittance or through a credit card), sign all copies of the final contracts and mail the five copies back to us.


The booking is now complete