Sailing Tips

Sailing Greece with a monohull yacht or catamaran can be an unforgettable experience. Taking into account the following tips can make it even better:

⦁    Respect seamanship! Never leave the navigational light on, while the boat is docked. It shows an anti – nautical sight!
⦁    A good seaman always walks the yacht’s deck having the water on his left hand side.
⦁    If you have a situation of tangled ropes, and you are not so sure how to solve the problem, just throw the lines in the water for 5 minutes and the problem is solved by itself!
⦁    Obey the captain. At least you’ll have someone to put the blame on later!
⦁    Always be willingly ready to offer a hand, if needed.
⦁    No matter if you have no other boat on sight, remember; you are NOT alone there. Have your eyes clearly open.
⦁    It is customary to salute any war ship crossing. You lower the flag first waiting the war ship to lower and raise again her flag, and then you raise yours again.
⦁    An old tradition! Throw a small “Crossing the Line” party when going through the Straits of Gibraltar.
⦁    The water tanks are limited and you don’t have all the water you need. While showering, wet down, turn off the water, soap up, turn the shower on to rinse off.
⦁    Why a ship is called “she”? In broad terms a ship is like a mother with human inside her womb. Therefore she is “she”.
⦁    Fathom= You stretch both arms and measure from finger tip to finger tip. This is a fathom. A fathom is six feet. In Greek orgia.
⦁    Ask the skipper to show you the traditional way to trace your yacht’s position on the map, using the compass not the GPS!
⦁    Ahoy= A familiar nautical hail.
⦁    It’s a good thing to have your life jacket on all the time while you are on the boat.


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