Family Yacht Charter Vacations

Are you planning a sailing vacation in Greece with your family this year? If there are kids in your family then probably you are not going to sail the same way as before, no matter if you charter a bareboat yacht or a skippered one with an experienced crew.


When children are concerned safety is of primary importance. At Paralos Yachts we provide all the extra facilities that a family-friendly yacht or catamaran should have. From children’s life jackets to safety nets across the boat we make sure there are all the necessary conditions so that you can enjoy your holidays.

If you still have doubts about sailing with children you will be astonished to see how quickly kids adjust to the new environment. Yachts and especially catamarans that provide more space provide rich and stimulating conditions for a child of any age. Apart from the fun and all the amazing activities, the most important is that your kids will get to know all about sailing and share the same passion for the sea as you.


Tips to have unforgettable family sailing holidays with a Yacht Charter in Greece:

1. The itinerary. Your main concern should be to choose an itinerary with small sailing distances and well protected harbours and bays. Also you might want to choose a time of the year where winds are not too strong, thus making sailing safer. (see more about sailing weather condition in Greece). At Paralos Yachts we can help you customize your itinerary and give you all the valuable information so that your trip suits your specific needs.
2. Baby on board: Baby chairs provided by Paralos Yachts will keep children safe when both parents are needed for boat handling, in case you have booked a bareboat charter in Greece. Of course you can choose a skippered or crewed charter and spend all the time with your family, free of “captain’s” responsibilities.
It is very important to make sure that children uses their life jackets all the time when on board, even if they know how to swim.
Paralos can supply you with children’s life jackets and take care to place nets on board. Just inform us during the booking procedure about the number, age and weight of the children.
3. Make sure that kids will have a place to play on the boat and bring some toys, dvd player, books, color pencils to keep them busy, especially during sailing time.
4. Give your children a “sailing role” while on board and sailing. Apart from the fun and knowledge they will also acquire a great sense of responsibility.
5. Sea sickness can be a problem as children above 2 years old are more affected than adults. The best idea is to keep them in the cockpit in the fresh air and try to make sure that they have light lunches. Also, you should double check your itinerary to make sure you will avoid all difficult points. Our team can help you plan a children-friendly route without skipping any of the lovely places you shouldn’t miss.

Family Bareboat Charter in Greece

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