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Bareboat or skippered, explore the greek islands getting a sailing yacht from Paralos Yachts

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Client Testimonials on Paralos Catamarans and Sailing Yachts

Fishing an octopus in the greek waters
Skiathos - 30/01/2010
Fishing an octopus in the greek waters

There are several methods of catching an octopus. Last summer I've been in the Greek islands with my wife (Sporades). We have been on the sailing yacht drinking our evening coffee, while I noticed an octopus just a few inches under the water. I was very surprised by how easy this dummy creature captured! I only used a hook an a lin! Although they can be easily invisible, it is very common to see octopuses in  Greek marinas and beaches. Try you too!
John & Anna Fleischer
The Greek waters explorers

April 2008
Serifos, Cyclades - 16/05/2008


Cyclades Sailing with a Catamaran Charter

We sailed from Athens on the 19th of April this year and visited Aigina, Kithnos, Siros, Tinos, Paros, Serifos, Kithnos again and Sounion on our way back to Athens. We had hired a boat through Paralos Sailing and Lefteris gave us a fabulous service. We celebrated the Greek Easter which was both a spectacular and spiritual experience.

This was my second time in the Cyclades and I enjoy that all the islands are so different from each other.

There were six of us onboard and I was the only one who had sailed there before. They all loved it very much and I am sure we will be back again.

Bernt A.

Competing in Cyclades
From Kithnos to Syros - 19/10/2007
Competing in Cyclades

During last October, we sailed for three weeks around Cyclades with    s/y Antiope, a Bavaria 36.

On October 18th, we left from Kithnos to Syros.The day was sunny but with a force 6 wind.

In our way to Syros we met a Sun Odyssey 39 sailing to the same direction and we felt that a little bit of competition would be perfect at the time!

After a few hours of sailing we arrived first at the marina having spent a wonderful day!


Gerd P.


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