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Bareboat or skippered, explore the greek islands getting a sailing yacht from Paralos Yachts

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Client Testimonials on Paralos Catamarans and Sailing Yachts

Sailing under the Rion Andirrion bridge
The Rion Andirrion bridge - 09/03/2011

The Rion and Andirrion strait, only one mile wide, is the western entrance to the golf of Corinth.
We crossed this strait last year on our way to Lefkas under the suspension cable bridge. We sailed straight on to the center for maximum depth. At this point the height of the bridge is 80-100 meters.
It is suggested to inform the bridge control VHF ch 08 while crossing and watch for the ferries going often from Rion to Antirrion and backwards.

Georges M.

Swimming with the Mediterranean dolphins
Between Myconos and Syros islands - 05/09/2010
Swimming with the Mediterranean dolphins

Fortunately Greek islands provide the most safe waters for sailing in the world:

No sharks, no pirates, not any other danger exists there.

In this picture we had a nice swimming time in the area between Mykonos and Syros islands.
We stopped the yacht in order to swim with some dolphins my mom first saw.
But we had no luck, since the dolphins were so busy and "flew" away!

Baby on board!
Saronic - 18/06/2010

Family Bareboat Charter

Me and my husband, we decided to spend a week sailing around Saronic during June 2010. We are familiar with the area as we have sailed there quite a lot of times, but we could not sail far away this year as we had one passenger more: our 8 months baby! Sailing with a baby was some a decision as we had to carry on board so many things (dippers, milk, cream, fruits etc). We had also to dock in a port every day for fresh fruits and meat. No mention about looking after the baby all the time! My husband had to sail almost single handed, but we survived! The baby reacted quite well as he was sleeping almost every time we were sailing and crying every time we had to anchor! This was not so bad, as so many people volunteered to help us with the ropes! If you try to sail with a baby remember to take with you a lot of bottled water as you’d better avoid washing anything that the baby is going to use with the water from the tanks.

Marina M.



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