Why we love Catamarans

No one can blame monohull lovers! Monohulls are easier to moor, better when sailing upwind and generally cheaper than catamarans.

However, there are many advantages and characteristics that make catamarans gain more fans everyday! We at Paralos Yachts are becoming one of them and these are the main reasons for that:

– First of all Catamarans are about comfort! Space has always been an issue in sailing trips. If you cruised with a monohull in the past you probably have experienced the cramping into various mini-cabins and pilot berths. Even a much bigger monohull can not compare with a catamaran in terms of free space and comfort. And of course, with comfort comes privacy! Even on catamarans with the hulls joined to the bridge deck, the accommodation is spread out over a wide space thus still providing a good sense of privacy. The cabins and the head are usually located at the corners of the yacht, so that they are isolated from the activity of the lounge and the galley.


– If comfort and privacy is not your primary concern, then safety should be. Of course it would be an awful lie to say that monohulls aren’t safe whereas catamarans are. However, it would take a wave like this one to sink a catamaran.
Moreover, due to their design a catamaran will continue to float even in the case that it floods or gets a broken sea cock.
Finally, because catamarans are more stable and there is less motion while on board the risk of a “man-overboard” accident is minimal! Their stability also makes it easier for catamarans to anchor in places that are not appropriate for monohulls because of the wave and swell action.

– Although not our favorite catamaran feature, speed is important because it makes a wide range of destinations available since you can sail to more places in less time. Specially if you cruise mainly on weekends, a catamaran will give you many more destination choices.


– Finally, some of Greece’s best off track beaches and hidden paradises are in shallow waters. Because catamarans only need a relatively small amount of water to float you can enter shallow anchorages and get away from overcrowded places. This is probably the reason why catamaran charters in Greece gain ground over monohull yachts during the past few years.

If you are interested in chartering a catamaran to sail Greece either bareboat or skippered, please browse our catamaran fleet or contact us for any information you might need.


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