Summer is almost here! Book your yacht charter early!

If you plan to charter a sailing yacht or a catamaran to sail the Greek Islands this summer (either bareboat or skippered) we can suggest various reasons why you should book early.

Bareboat Charter Greece

1. First of all the earlier you book the more chances you have to find the yacht or catamaran that best suit your needs. Usually, the more popular boats and the newer yachts and catamarans are quickly snapped up making it more difficult to find the model you are looking for.

As for summer 2018, bookings have already started for the most popular yachts. In Paralos Yachting we have a wide network of partners across the Mediterranean in order to ensure that we can offer you the exact type of yacht you are looking for.

Always remember that the best time to book a yacht charter in Greece is from November to February.

2. It is very common that the best discounts and deals are offered with early booking. Most Greek yacht charter companies offer a considerable discount if you book in advance and therefore there is a notable financial incentive to plan your sailing vacations early!

Please don’t rely on the idea that a late booking can get you a great price. Especially in the more popular destinations the chances are that there will be no boat left to book.

Feel free to contact us for the current discounts and offers on catamarans and monohulls for bareboat, skippered or crewed charter

3. Early vacation planning can help you find cheaper flights to Greece! Moreover, if you are traveling directly to the island you are planning to start your sail, there may be very few flights per week. This summer many airlines are flying to various Greek airports, so take advantage and find the flight that matches your holidays schedule.

We are Paralos Yachts are committed to help you have the best sailing vacations in Greece. Either if you have experience in yachting and want to charter bareboat or you need a skipper to accompany your trip don’t hesitate to contact us.

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