Sail Ionian Islands and Discover one of the best undiscovered destinations in the world

If you plan to charter a yacht (either skippered or bareboat) in Greece this summer, then you might want to rethink Ionian Sea when choosing itinerary.

Bloomberg includes the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante) among the best undiscovered beach destinations in the world and proposes it as an alternative to the glamorous and famous Mykonos.


The relevant article notes that if you want to go to a beach to get away from other humans, you’ll have to try a lot harder than visiting popular, luxurious, seaside spots and describes Zakynthos as “postcard-perfect, free of photo-bombing tourists and full of secret coves just waiting for you to discover” and comments:

You’ve done Mykonos … now try Zakynthos

Tired of looking at Mykonos’s beautiful windmills? Never. But maybe you’re ready to swap out the thumping social scene for something more laid-back. Head to the Ionian island of Zakynthos, a little-explored paradise where secret, pearlescent coves are hidden from plain sight by towering limestone bluffs.

The western and northern sides of the island are the quietest and most beautiful—and the latter is where you’ll find the stone-walled Porto Zante Villas and Spa, which Greece expert Mina Agnos, president of Travelive, says offers an unsurpassed experience. “Each villa has panoramic views, a private, heated swimming pool, and access to a private section of beach,” she said. Other island draws: the neon-blue Shipwreck Beach (named for a destroyed vessel that still sits on the sand), endangered Caretta Caretta (loggerhead) sea turtles, and plenty of yacht charters for a day of Ionian beach-hopping.


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