Sail Greece and Produce Life Altering Stories

As the ancient Greek author Homer revealed in some of his works, most notably the Odyssey, a sailing journey across the Mediterranean and throughout the Greek islands can often produce memorable—and in some cases life-altering—stories.

bareboat charter greece

If you plan to charter bareboat remember that it is mandatory for the skipper to have a Sailing license in order to charter bareboat in Greece. A second crew member with yachting experience should be also on board as a co – skipper. A VHF license is not mandatory under local regulations. It is suggested, besides the official certification, that skipper has a level of boat handling skills and experience especially in docking, Mediterranean mooring, anchorage, sailing at night and in choppy seas. Although there a lot of “protected sailing areas” in Greece, life at sea is full of surprises!

“Sailing in Greece is perfect for novices and families, the winds are light, the distances between stops are short, so the kids won’t get bored. The charter agent’s role is to take the guest’s ideas and wishes and make them happen,” says Lefteris Melahrinos, owner of Paralos Yacht Charters.

Whatever your plans, wishes and needs for the perfect sailing holidays in Greece, our experience will be at your service just to make sure that you will have the summer vacation of your dreams!

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