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Sailing tips archive

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Sailing tips for catamaran, bareboat or monohull charter in Greece

Mooring in Greek sailing destinations

Kithnos Island > Loutra
mooring in Loutra (Kithnos) Kithnos is a quite and beautiful island, a day sailing distance from Athens. Loutra, a small fishing harbor in the NE coast, is a place that you should spend a day. You can swim in the sandy beach, dine in the local taverns, have a drink in the pubs enjoying Greek or international music. Some provisions are available at the two mini markets close to the dock.
Visit the hot mineral spring close to the village, known since the ancient Greeks and the Romans. Get a towel with you and ask the locals to show you the way. Early in the morning, before you sail away, you will see the local fisherman coming back from fishing and you can buy some fresh fish!
Athens (Alimos marina) - Loutra : 47 n.m.
Loutra - Syros : 22 n.m Loutra - Mykonos : 43 n.m


Hydra > Saronic gulf
mooring in Hydra  (Saronic gulf) Hydra is a long narrow island lying parallel to Peloponnesus coast, in 35 miles distance from Athens (Alimos marina). It is believed that the name of Hydra (reservoir of water) was given to the island because of the water existing during the antiquity.
The main village and only port of the island is an exceptional sample of traditional architecture. It is remarkable the fact that there are not cars at all on the island and the only way to visit the places around is by "sea taxi"
It became a fashionable resort, and in the early days of tourism the rich and famous holidayed in Hydra. Now it is visited by larger numbers and it is considered to be "the little Mykonos of Saronic".
The port is very crowded during summer. Crossed anchors are fact of life and there are little thinks you can do about it. There are a lot of taverns on the waterfront, but you are going to find much more exploring the narrow streets. A lot of bars and night clubs are also going to offer you the opportunity to stay awake by the morning!
Athens (Alimos marina) - Hydra : 42 n.m.
Hydra - Spetses : 18 n.m


Paxoi > Ionion sea
mooring in Paxoi  (Ionian sea) Eight miles south of Corfu lies Paxoi. Gaios, the main harbor of the island, could be full of yachts during July and August but you should make an effort to find somewhere to moor! A gentle lady, working for the local community, is going to collect the port fees a few minutes after you arrive! Water and fuel will be delivered by mini-tankers!
The bay of Lakka on the north is maybe the best place to relax. You can stay on anchor, swim in the green waters and go to the village with the dinghy for dinner or drink. You can approach some of the rocky coasts of the island but care is needed because of the big depths.
Paxoi (Gaios) - Corfu (Gouvies marina) : 38 n.m.
Paxoi (Gaios) - Paxoi (Lakka) -: 5 n.m
Paxoi (Lakka)- Syvotta : 13 n.m


Lefkada > Ionion sea
mooring in Lefkada(Ionian sea)Lefkada definitely is one of the top destinations amongst the Greek islands, 40 miles south of Corfu and only 7 miles away from Kefallonia and Ithaca (Ionian sea).
The nature of the beaches on the west side of the island is ideal for real vacations: green/blue crystal-clear waters, deep enough for your safe approach. This greek island is the real paradise. Try a search in Google images for the terms "Lefkada beaches" and you will see what I mean. In the south you can reach the Vassiliki bay, a worldwide famous place for windsurfing. In Vassiliki there is a mini marina for your refueling and many shops and tavernas or bars. If you choose to sail south-east you can reach Sivota bay. Spending some time in this small marina with the several fish-tavernas would be a very good idea. In Lefkada you will be surprised by the many bays you would wish to stop by. Anchoring with other sailing yachts or private, you can enjoy the greek sun and clean waters of Lefkada island. Be noticed that in the northern section of the island there is the most modern marina of the Mediterannean Sea, which operates all year round, with a total capacity of 620 yachts up to 45 meters in length. The structure, the facilities and the services are of highest standards even able to satisfy the most demanding visitor.
Lefkada town (marina) - Corfu (Gouvies marina) : 64 n.m.
Lefkada town (marina) - Ithaca (port) -: 30 n.m.

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