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Sailing tips archive

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Sailing tips for catamaran, bareboat or monohull charter in Greece

Weather forecast in Greece

Weather forecast in Greece

Having reliable information about the weather, is basic for comfort and safe sailing.
But how can we get a weather forecast on board?  Consider the following options :


  1. There is a weather forecast for sailors, on VHF, on 06:oo', 10:oo', 16:oo' and 22:oo' UTC time.
    First there is an announcement on channel 16. The purpose of this is to inform about the channels that the weather forecast bulletin is going to take place for every area.
    i.e. channel 25 for Saronic golf, 63 for South East Aegean, 4 and 24 for South west Aegean etc.
    Then you switch to the suitable channel to listen to the weather forecast.

  2. You call directly Radio Olympia, on channel 16 , asking for a weather forecast for your area.
    i.e. "Radio Olympia, Radio Olympia, this is sailing boat Anne, we would like to have a weather forecast for Saronic gulf".
    Then you wait for a reply.

  3. You can also ask for a weather forecast in the local office of the coast guard in every port that you may visit

  4. If you have access to the internet, note the following links, and then follow the link sailing forecast.

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