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Sailing tips archive
Sailing tips archive

Sailing Yacht Charters
Bareboat or skippered, explore the greek islands getting a sailing yacht from Paralos Yachts

Sailing Yacht Sales

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Office hours:
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Sailing tips for catamaran, bareboat or monohull charter in Greece

What to bring with you...

Pack all your personal staff in SOFT BAGS, do not bring hard suite cases!!!
Soft bags can be stored in any storage compartment of the yacht.


- Sunblock: a 20 or higher rating
- hat and sunglasses
- Sense of fun and adventure
- Swim Suit and Beach Towel
- Tooth brushes
- Camera and music CD's
- a book or some magazines
- Clothing for the occasional cool night

 sportswear for the greek islands

You are ready now for a happy sailing in the Greek islands

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