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The Aegean Regatta


No matter how much you sail in the Aegean Archipelago , you will always discover new places to see, new things to do.


The Aegean Regatta is an international yacht race organized by the ministry of Aegean

The Aegean Regatta needs no recommendation. Organized every year by the Ministry of tourism, the National Sailing Federation and a number of local sailing clubs, is not only a sailing regatta but also a cultural event and a good opportunity for entertainment.

It has shown her credentials for the past  years and it is considered internationally speaking a high level offshore sailing event.


Participating in the regatta, the racing sailors take advantage of the opportunity  to visit this magnificent part of the Aegean Archipelago, enjoy true sailing and have a nice time as cultural events and parties take place in every place that the fleet spend a night!


Εκδήλωση - Απονομή Χίος


















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