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Top things to do in Greece on a Sailing Vacation



The Greek Easter


The Greek islands easter


Easter is probably the most important holiday for the Greek people. It is not only a religious holiday but also an opportunity to celebrate the spring, enjoy the country side, eating the traditional roasted lamp and drinking with the family or friends.

march around the villages at Friday night The visitor will have a unique opportunity to feel the "difference in the air", traveling around the country during the week before Easter.

The religious emotion is very strong as the ceremonies in the churches describe Jesus story to the cross, together with the local folklores. Do not miss the march around the villages starting from the church at Friday night (about 20:30) and the ceremony at the midnight of Saturday with the fireworks all around Greece. And no need to say anything about Sunday's feast!

Sailing around the Greek islands during this week is also some an experience as you will take part to all these happenings!

The weather is usually very good, warm but not hot and the wind rarely stronger than 20 knots.





Sailing in the Saronic Gulf?  . . .  Do not loose this!


Saronic golf is one of the most popular and … “easy sailing” areas of Greece.


Spetses island - Greece


Alimos marina (Kalamaki) is placed in this area, which offers beautiful destinations, short sailing distances and protection from the meltemi wind!


In case you choose this area for your sailing vacations, it is suggested to visit Palaia Epidhavros, an attractive small village on the coast of Peloponnisos. From this place you can go by bus or taxi to the ancient theatre of Epidhavros, the best preserved off all the ancient Greek theatres and one of the finest pieces of classical architecture. Enjoy the perfect acoustics of the theatre: if you drop a coin in the middle of the floor of the stage, you can hear it from all the 14.000 seats.

the ancient Greek theater of Epidavros

There is also a festival of ancient Greek theater drama in the summer. Tickets are available in Palaia Epidhavros.


The site was also famous in ancient times as a sanctuary of Asklepion, a religious centre for curing the sick and infirm. There is a museum near by which you should also visit.

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