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Sailing Yacht Charters
Bareboat or skippered, explore the greek islands getting a sailing yacht from Paralos Yachts

Sailing Yacht Sales

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About Paralos Yachts


Wishing to charter a Catamaran or Monohull in Greece?


Selecting a charter company is not the easiest of jobs! So here are some reasons that should make your choice easier...

We are known for providing very well maintained monohull and catamaran sailing yachts with full cruising inventory and a friendly and efficient service. Our yachts are available both skippered and bareboat charter in Greece.

We specialise in offering a personalized service and in taking care of the smallest details that tend to make all the difference in a successful sailing holiday.

We focus on providing sailing vacations for people who love sailing in Greece and, through a personal approach we aim to understand your needs
in order to provide you with your ideal holiday. Our team is made up of experienced sailors who can see things from your point of view!

- Are you looking for a spacious and easy-to-sail boat? We are sure that you will find what you need in our fleet.
- Sailing faster and in the best winds is more your taste? Let us know your particular needs along with your request and we can short-list the best options for you.
- Do you want to "work" hard during your vacation? Let us know and we can offer you a "Racing package" which includes a training period and taking part in a regatta!
- Are you looking to improve your sailing abilities? We can provide you with an experienced instructor as a skipper to help you practice everything on board!
- Are you sailing with children or babies? We can provide you with safety webs on board, life jackets for the little ones and we can ensure that you get a specially prepared boat for babies!
- Do you worry about the condition of the boat and support in case something goes wrong? We worry much more than you! That's why we are very particular about the winter maintenance of our fleet in order to eliminate any problems during the summer. We also use our experience to improve our fleet every year.
But as every sailor knows, even if we do our best, something on board may go wrong during a charter. In this case our base managers will assist you in every way either with their own teams or through a network of local technicians.
- And finally if your only need is to relax, empty your mind and enjoy the sun and the sea.......then try one of our skippered packages!


So Welcome to the world of and we hope to see you soon!



Our name

In ancient Athens, citizens living close to the sea and making their living from the sea, as fishermen, sailors or ship builders were called "Parali",
So "Paralos" means the man who lives close to the sea and his job is related to the sea .
"Parali" were in charge of maintaining "Paralos" one of the two warships used by the city of Athens only on state missions or for conveyance of high ranking Athenian statesmen (something like "Air Force One" !).

The boat was of the trireme type, with 170 oars. Only Citizens of Athens could be members of the crew. The boat was kept mostly out of the water, in order to be dry, light and fast. It is estimated that a trireme could maintain a cruising speed of 5-7 knots and reach up to 12-13 knots during battles. Paralos were much faster than the average trireme!

Inspired by this boat and wishing to honour the Parali whose seamanship made Athens the strongest navy force at the time, we carry our name with great respect and pride!




Looking for a yacht to charter in Mediterranean or worldwide?


If Greece is not your only option for spending your sailing vacations, then we can assist you to select a yacht almost in any popular charter destination in the world.


Send us your request and our charter department will propose you the most suitable yachts, selected from a list of hundreds boats available, offered by quality local providers.



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